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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chrome: Greatest Browser. Greatest OS?

A couple of years ago I began to use the Google Chrome web browser. I had been using Firefox up until then but I quickly liked the speed and the simplicity of Chrome.

I really didn't think much more about it. And even after Google announced that they were developing their own Chromium operating system I continued to use Chrome the browser.

A few months ago I upgraded my version of Chrome and discovered that there was now a Web Store where you could download extensions, plug-ins, and applications for Chrome. I soon discovered that you could sign up for the Chromebook pilot program. A Google initiative to give away several thousands Chrome-powered laptops.

I found the Chrome OS Forums where those that had received the Google Chromebooks, the CR-48, and those that hoped to, could commiserate. I even began playing around with various Chrome builds on thumbdrives to boot laptops into Chrome.

The results of those trials weren't great due to hardware incompatibilities. So I was excited to learn that Acer and Samsung will both be releasing Chromebooks this month. I believe that Chrome, and its cloud-based computing, is the future.

In the meantime I continue to use the Chrome browser. The extensions and applications make it an invaluable resource for using the web. In a later post I will detail some of those extensions and apps that are the most useful. Until then all I can tell you is to install and start using Chrome. The best web browser there is.