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This blog is generally about mobile technology, concentrated on the Android/Chrome OS arena. However, there will be other topics delved into from time to time.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chrome: Greatest Browser. Greatest OS?

A couple of years ago I began to use the Google Chrome web browser. I had been using Firefox up until then but I quickly liked the speed and the simplicity of Chrome.

I really didn't think much more about it. And even after Google announced that they were developing their own Chromium operating system I continued to use Chrome the browser.

A few months ago I upgraded my version of Chrome and discovered that there was now a Web Store where you could download extensions, plug-ins, and applications for Chrome. I soon discovered that you could sign up for the Chromebook pilot program. A Google initiative to give away several thousands Chrome-powered laptops.

I found the Chrome OS Forums where those that had received the Google Chromebooks, the CR-48, and those that hoped to, could commiserate. I even began playing around with various Chrome builds on thumbdrives to boot laptops into Chrome.

The results of those trials weren't great due to hardware incompatibilities. So I was excited to learn that Acer and Samsung will both be releasing Chromebooks this month. I believe that Chrome, and its cloud-based computing, is the future.

In the meantime I continue to use the Chrome browser. The extensions and applications make it an invaluable resource for using the web. In a later post I will detail some of those extensions and apps that are the most useful. Until then all I can tell you is to install and start using Chrome. The best web browser there is.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Amazon's Cloud Drive

I have become more and more of a fan of cloud computing as more devices and OS's and other technologies embrace it. One thing that the cloud computing crowd has been clamoring for is a way to not only store your MP3s in the cloud, but to stream them. Google and Apple have been working towards that very thing for a while now.

Early this week Amazon announced it's Cloud Drive. A cloud storage service that includes the ability to stream to any number of devices from Cloud Drive's cloud storage. Some features include:

  • Web player for streaming MP3s, and an Android player too
  • 5 GB of free storage
  • 20 GB of free storage for 1 year when you buy a MP3 album from Amazon
  • Amazon purchased MP3s do not count against your storage total
  • Graduated rates for additional storage, all fairly reasonable
One complaint I have is that uploading of MP3s isn't the easiest. You have to manually create an artist folder (say Aerosmith), and then a folder for each album under Aerosmith (Toys In The Attic for instance). They should allow you to select a folder and then create the folder structure for you. However, one cool feature is that Amazon uses album info, once it recognizes the album, to arrange the tracks in the album order.

It also will convert any WMAs to MP3s IF Amazon sells that album in MP3 format. If not then you are forced to upload in MP3 format since the player appears to be incompatible with WMAs.

Still in its infancy, I am sure everything will get better over time.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome To My New Technology Blog

It dawned on me that my other 2 blogs were pretty specific. There is my main blog which is dedicated to politics and religion primarily, and then there is my Healthy Eating For Real People blog which I use to give health and dietary tips.

So this is the newest blog. That way when I want to wax philosophical on things technology related, I have a place to do that. Most of what will be posted here will be related to Google's Android (for smartphones and tablets) and ChromeOS (for net books). I will delve into other technology from time to time, but those two subjects will be the primary topics.

To begin, please visit my two favorite forums!